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18 October, 2012

A more natural Camargue

Bird watching is a favourite activity of locals and tourists alike in the Camargue area. Autumn and spring are the best seasons to watch these magnificent birds migrate south as they make a necessary stop over in the natural parks of Camargue. You can watch specific birds such as the famous pink flamingo, stroke nesting to and from Africa as well as various species of herons. With several parks and discovery centres such as “Le Centre du Scamandre,” laced with nice wooden paths only 5km away from Mas Tolosan, bird watching is a “must do” activity for all nature lovers who will appreciate the wild life in this area. You will also appreciate the bulls (protected and endemic) and horses in the area, especially the gorgeous white, and now quite famous, Camarguais horses, found just a short distance from Mas Tolosan.


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