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18 October, 2012

Bullfighting: Camargue Style

Camarge has its own style of bullfighting called “La Course Camarguaise.” This local summer pastime is practiced in many small towns and villages around Mas Tolosan. Unlike many popular versions of bullfighting, the bulls in this type of fight are not injured. Rather, the objective is for the bullfighter to remove the ribbons that are attached to the bull’s horns. Performance, then, is rated solely on speed and agility as competitors, fighting on foot, attempt to retrieve these ribbons. >>View the full calendar of fights from La Federation Francaise de la Course Camarguaise If you’d like to take home a Camargue-style bullfighting souvenir, be sure to visit the gift shop here at Mas Tolosan. In the Seminar Room at Mas Tolosan, you will see an permanent exposition of works by local renowned photographer, Hervé Bernon, whose specialty is “La Course Camarguaise.” His works here are currently for sale.

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