Our Renovation Story

Cille, Thierry and 3 week old Vincent moved into Mas Tolosan in February 2009. This is a 250 year old farm, with all the old charm of massive stone walls, gigantic wooden beams and some hidden gems. The property has an old barn that we knew would be perfect for our Bed & Breakfast. After much administrative work and building works applications, we found a team of 4 builders who were happy to take on our renovation project. The work finally started in December 2009.

Cement floors were poured, downstairs and upstairs. Walls were being erected and plumbing and electrical works were being done. New openings had to be cut into the massive walls to create doors and windows for the rooms. Windows were put into the roof to fill the rooms with the beautiful southern France sunshine. We worked along side the builders until the ‘gros ouevre’ (structural work) was completed in April.

May 2010 was spent sanding and painting walls, lying wooden floors, tiling bathrooms, creating the kitchen area and finding furniture to personalise each room. Our first guest came walking through our gate in June 2010.

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